Why Swaddle Your Baby?

I work with a lot of families and we find that they have different opinions on swaddling their newborns. Why do we think it is important to swaddle babies at Night Nannies for Newborns? First of all, babies come from a tight, enclosed, warm space in their mommy’s womb when they are born. Then they are thrust into trying to adjust to this wide open, cold and strange environment. Why do we expect that this transition is easy for them? We find that the swaddle really does soothe the baby and help them get some much needed rest. Secondly, babies have minimal control over their reflexes until they are around 4 months old. They startle easily and tend to jerk and twitch, which not only wakes them up but scares them. Often times you will see your sound asleep baby wake up crying due to this. Obviously, we feel the swaddle keeps them from startling themselves awake. Of course we always respect the wishes of the family, but we would like to encourage that you at least give swaddling a try. I think you will find that not only will your baby get some much needed rest, but so will you.

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